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February 03 2013

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Kijów, Puszcza Wodica.
Trasa linii tramwajowej nr 12 prowadzącej do podmiejskiego letniska w połowie przechodzi przez środek lasu, Na terenie puszczy tramwaj zatrzymuje się na 5 przystankach.

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Does this account for any long term effects? BTW, this graphics lacks some other figures:

Solar: very very small (I think the only deaths in solar power are those of construction workers falling from rooftops)

Wind: very very small (I think the only deaths in wind power are those of construction workers falling from the windmill post)

Water: very very small (I think the only deaths in water power are those of people accidently sucked into the turbine)

Nuclear needs some serious correction upwards, since we still can't estimate the death toll due to leaking nuclear waste in the future, upcomming nuclear disasters (Chernobyl is accounted for some 50k deaths, Fukushima is unclear yet).
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February 01 2013

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No! Not... MEMTEST86+
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The Sombrero Galaxy
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Rosetta Was Here
This amazing view was captured by the CIVA camera on Rosetta's Philae lander just four minutes before its closest approach to Mars on February 25, 2007. The spacecraft was only 1,000 kilometers above the planet. Part of the spacecraft bus fills the view on the left side, and one of the long solar panels stretches out across the center. In the background is the globe of Mars, the view centered near Syrtis Major.
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January 31 2013


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January 30 2013

How many Ph.D.s does it take?
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How to read a scientific paper (via primaklima).
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January 29 2013

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Centaurus Radio Jets Rising.
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Eis, bestellbar nach Wellenlänge.
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January 28 2013


Fun Fact: people are citizens while on the internet too
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